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View your shareholding details online, and sell shares online or by telephone.

Important Information Relating to The Additional Listing of Ferguson Plc’s Shares on the New York Stock Exchange (“the Additional Listing”)

Following the Additional Listing on March 8, 2021, the share register moved from Computershare Jersey to Computershare US. Shares that were previously held in certificated form are now held on the US maintained share register through the Direct Registration System (DRS). All existing share certificates are now invalid and you will instead receive a DRS Advice statement (a “DRS Statement”). Unless shares are held with a UK broker, shares are tradeable on the New York Stock Exchange. For further information please click here to view our frequently asked questions.

On May 12, 2022, the New York Stock Exchange became Ferguson plc’s primary listing venue. This has not changed how your shares are managed. Further details are provided below.

Managing Your Shares Online

Shareholders can view their Ferguson plc shareholding details online by registering with Investor Center, a service offered by our transfer agent and registrar, Computershare.

To access the service, go to and complete the simple on-screen registration process. You will be required to enter ‘Ferguson plc’ under the Company name and enter your personal Holder Account Number which you will have received in a letter together with your DRS Statement from Computershare US. Please note, as part of the registration process, Computershare will need to send you a security verification code and this will be sent to your registered postal address. Therefore, you should register for Investor Center at your earliest convenience and in advance of any share sales or account changes being required.

Once you have signed up for Investor Center, you will be able to:

  • check your shareholding in Ferguson plc 24 hours a day
  • certify your tax status
  • access the facility to sell your shares
  • register your email and mailing preference (post or electronic) for future shareholder mailings
  • gain easy access to a variety of shareholder information including indicative valuations and payment instruction details
  • use the internet to appoint a proxy for you at general meetings of the shareholders.

Share Sales

Holding your shares through the Direct Registration System (DRS) offers shareholders a simple and convenient internet and telephone share sale service.

For internet sales, log on to

Computershare is available, for telephone sales at:
Inside US and Canada: +1 866 742 1064
Outside US and Canada: +1 781 575 3023
From the UK: 0370 703 6203

Please note lines are open 9.00am to 5.00pm (Eastern time).

Alternatively, to transact via post, please return a duly completed Direct Registration Transaction Request Form (available via the link below), including your Holder Account Number located on your DRS Statement, to Computershare Trust Company, N.A. PO Box 43078, Providence, Rhode Island 02940-3078.
Please ensure that you have certified your tax status with Computershare in advance of any share sales.

Direct Registration Transaction Request Form

Share Transfers (to a Broker)

If you hold your shares through DRS then your shares are tradeable on the New York Stock Exchange. It is possible to move your shares so that they are tradeable on the London Stock Exchange. However, this will involve transferring your shares to a UK broker who will then hold these shares as nominee.

For further information, please contact your broker and advise that you are holding your Ferguson shares in DRS form on a US maintained register so as to allow them to assist with the required service. For further information you may also contact Computershare US by emailing

Share Transfers (Other Than Broker Transfers)

To transfer your shares (other than to a broker) you will need to complete and return the appropriate transfer request form (available from Computershare US).

Please note, in order to transfer your shares, a medallion signature guarantee may be required. Please see below for further information regarding medallion signature guarantees.

Medallion Signature Guarantees

A Medallion Signature Guarantee (MSG) is a special certification stamp that guarantees the authentication of a signature. The stamp guarantees that the person signing has the legal authority and capacity to act on behalf of the account.

A shareholder can obtain a MSG as follows:

For investors located within the US and Canada: Shareholders are advised to contact their own financial institution (bank, credit union, or broker dealer) to determine if that institution is a participant in a Medallion Signature Guarantee Program.

For investors located outside of the US and Canada: US Banks or US Brokers with branches in other countries may be able to provide a MSG.

US Tax Certification Forms

Shareholders who intend to sell shares through the services with Computershare US, or another US broker, may be required to complete and submit a tax certification form, known as a W-8BEN (for non-US residents) or W9 (for US residents) (collectively, “US Tax Certification Form”), regardless as to whether they are a US resident or individual. Shareholders that do not complete and submit a valid US Tax Certification Form may be subject to US withholding tax deductions at the current rate of 24% on their share dealing proceeds. Please note, a completed W-8BEN form is valid for up to three years. Following this three year period, an updated W-8BEN form will need to be submitted to Computershare US.

Where applicable, shareholders will need to certify their tax status which can be done directly with Computershare by logging into the Investor Center portal ( Alternatively, they can access the US Tax Certification Form by visiting the IRS website. Please note, even if shareholders are not required to submit a US Tax Certification Form at this time, they can, should they choose to do so, still provide the relevant details to Computershare US in advance in readiness of any future transaction.

Stock Exchange Listings

The ordinary shares of the Company are listed on both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:FERG) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE:FERG).

As stated above, shares held through DRS are tradeable on the New York Stock Exchange.


If you are dealing with the estate of someone who held Ferguson plc shares, please ensure that you obtain legal advice as to whether Jersey stamp duty is payable on the estate.

Contact Computershare

Please see our ‘Contact Us’ page for details of how to contact Computershare US via telephone.

You can also find useful information on the Computershare US website: