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Receiving shareholder communications by email and online is easy, convenient and kinder to the environment.

Each year, millions of annual reports are printed and sent by companies to their shareholders – usually on paper. There is another way for you to receive this information which is kinder to the environment.

We would like to invite you to receive your shareholder communications by email and from the internet rather than on paper.

Benefits of e-communications

Registering for e-communications will have a number of advantages, including:

  • speedier delivery of documents;
  • cost savings for the Company on the delivery of documents;
  • ability to access reports and results on the internet when you need them, wherever you are;
  • opportunity to proactively manage your shareholding, including changes to personal details;
  • ability to register your online proxy appointment securely over the internet;
  • confirmation of receipt of proxy appointments;
  • saving resources.

What you need to do:

Register or log in then, click on ‘communication options’ tab under ‘update my details’.

The Investor Center website is run by Computershare, the company’s transfer agent and registrar.

If you have any questions, please call the Shareholder helpline:

From the UK: 0370 703 6203

Inside US and Canada: +1 866 742 1064

Outside US and Canada +1 781 575 3023